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Welcome! It is my privilege to greet you on behalf of Knox Presbyterian Church (Ann Arbor, MI) and, much more importantly, Jesus Christ.

If you're wondering who we are, there's a certain sense in which we are, too! On the face of it, we are a non-profit organization with worship services, Bible studies and classes, ministries to people inside and outside of the church community, etc. At a much deeper level, however, Knox is a community of people that has been swept up in a story of epic proportions, one that is longer, higher, deeper, and wider than we can even imagine. We all grew up with myths and fairy tales of one kind or another, but we're finding that the story of history - personal history, human history, world history, all history - as taught in the Bible, leads us into a world infinitely more enchanted than even Disney can dream up.

Thus we are a community of people that is playing "catch up", trying to come to grips with the revolutionary new reality unleashed by Jesus - the person whose life, death, resurrection and ascension into Heaven as universal King re-define the meaning of everyone and everything in the world. We're all trying to figure out, together, how to think, feel and live under his cosmic reign of grace. For example, what's all this got to do with paying the bills, serving shareholders and customers, changing diapers, weeding the lawn, doing homework, finishing a degree, etc.?

To complicate matters still further, none of us fully believes - at the deepest level of our hearts - what we know to be true. And none us fully lives out what we actually do believe and know. Hypocrisy? We're chocked full of it (And so is everyone who visits and joins this community!).

The good news is that God seems strangely content, even gladly so, to hobble along with a community like us, people who'll spend the rest of their lives struggling to "get it," believe it and live it. (Listen to the Sermon Series on Messy Christianity.) So if you're looking for a nice, tidy church community with superior goods and services, you'd be wise to "Google" your way to another church website. We're a pretty messed up bunch, and we're sure to disillusion you sooner or later.

However, if you're hungry and thirsty for:

  • a life that is both more extraordinary and ordinary than all of us anticipate;
  • a community that is struggling to be both more accepting and challenging than any of our social affinities might prefer;
  • an exposure to truth that is both more humbling and emboldening than most/all of us can naturally handle;
  • a vision of reality that is both more wildly fantastic and brutally realistic than the most expensive Hollywood epic,

then I think you've stumbled upon a community that you might just want to visit.

All to say, we'd love to meet you face-to-face (I'm not so good at e-this and e-that) and take a crack at introducing you to the wild goodness of God in Jesus Christ.


Chuck Jacob
Senior Pastor

© 2014 Knox Presbyterian Church